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Dec 07, 2016 11:13pm

Julia Usher baking in her home kitchen
Noshes and Notions

3-D Cookie Cake :: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher

New 3-D Cookie Course:

As many of you know, 3-D cookies are kind of my thing, so - perhaps needless to say - I was super excited when I was invited by eduK, Brazil’s largest e-learning site, to teach a three-day course all about them. I received the invitation late last year, and have been designing and decorating the projects for this course for the better part of the last two months! I’m pleased to announce that they are nearly done, and I am just four days away from boarding a plane to Brazil where I will videotape the course.

The course will be live-streamed from 2 pm to 5 pm (São Paulo, Brazil time), July 27 - 29, for FREE; it will be re-run once again, for free, one hour after the first live-streaming is over. After both free viewing periods have concluded, the course will only be available for purchase. (Though if you sign-up for the paid course before the live-streaming is over, you can get it at a steep discount.)

The course will be taught in English and translated simultaneously into both Portuguese and Spanish, which means that almost anyone anywhere should be able to enjoy it.

During these three days, I will demonstrate six new 3-D cookie projects (see my preview video below), all tied together with the common thread of a wedding theme. I’ll also cover close to 20 decorating and assembly techniques!

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Sampling of Stencils :: Designed by Me with Stencil Ease

My New Stencil Line, Plus Giveaway:

Well, well, the day has finally come! After nearly a year in discussion, design, and development with my new partner Stencil Ease, I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of my new Prettier Plaques stencil series, along with a host of other stenciling accessories and general-purpose stencils from Stencil Ease’s Confection Couture line all to be found on the Stencil Ease site!

I couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership (the Stencil Ease team is terrific) and how the initial launch designs have shaped up. Thank you to Jim, Stephanie, Catherine, and everyone else on the Stencil Ease team! You are amazing!

Of course, I’ll be adding new stencils to this series each month, and additional series over time, but there’s already lots from which to choose - 16 five-stencil plaque sets, all 80 stencils that make up these sets (sold as separates), 22 general-purpose stencils in the Confection Couture line, and several other stenciling tools including airbrush coloring, offset spatulas, cookie cutters, and stencil holders. The photos here show one small, but sweet sampling of the Prettier Plaques sets that you’ll find, with designs for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, all coming just in time!

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Nostalgic Nuptials :: Photo by Susan Jackson

Good as Gold:
Fairy-Tale Weddings Do Come True

Once upon a time, long before I ever wrote about cookies, I owned and operated a bakery. There in my humble South St. Louis shop, I happily crafted all manner of fancy wedding cakes, from modern mosaics and sculptural suspensions to more romantic chocolate-wrapped and sugar-draped numbers, like this party’s vintage beauty. This was also the time when I dreamed of writing an elaborate dessert party book with a chapter centered around each of my signature wedding cakes.

In the early days of the bakery, it was easy to overlook its shortcomings: the refrigerator that too often took naps; the melting hot cake hauls through steam tunnels and elevator shafts; the staff that changed faster than I could spin a cake turntable…I could go on and on. But back then, each day brought a new creative challenge, and I was blinded by love of my work.

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