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Julia Usher baking in her home kitchen
Blog Recipes and Tips From Julia Usher

Category: Savories

December 26, 2013

Perfect Pâte á Choux

Adapted from the pâte á choux recipe in Madeleine Kamman’s The Making of a Cook, this basic formulation can be used with both sweet and...

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December 25, 2013

Horseradish Mousse

A casual dollop of this zippy accompaniment does wonders atop smoked fish or roasted or grilled meat. (The 3 tablespoons of horseradish...

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May 28, 2013

Largely Unadulterated Crab Salad

When seafood goes straight from the water to your local market - as it does here on my island home-away-from-home in Stonington, Maine -...

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November 27, 2012

Cranberry-Pomegranate Salsa

With all the turkey consumed between Thanksgiving and New Year, the world needs a condiment that breaks from the same old cranberry...

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May 25, 2012

Rhubarb-Apple Chutney

I’m not proud to admit to this behavior, but I await the arrival of rhubarb like a spoiled child anticipating the reckless ripping open...

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May 25, 2012

Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise

My rendition of aioli, though very garlicky, isn’t as biting as some, since the roasting of the garlic bulbs mellows their inherent...

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May 20, 2012

Red, White, and Blue Burgers

Though perfect for your Memorial Day or Fourth of July fête, this burger is tasty all year ‘round – and colorful, too! The red refers...

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December 18, 2010

Roasted Garlic-Chive Cheesecake

Though less common than sweet versions, savory cheesecakes are no more difficult – and just as satisfying.

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August 1, 2010

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

To the uninitiated, pickles can be off-putting. Any food that vies for blue ribbons at the state fair automatically implies a certain level...

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June 1, 2010

Cheddar-Chive Pinwheel Biscuits

A handful of ingredients. Check! A minimum of kneading. Check! Plus, a pretty pinwheel pattern on top. Check! Yes, indeed, these one-bowl...

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