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Apr 01, 2019 2:48pm

Julia Usher baking in her home kitchen
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Community Cookie Collections: Posting Instructions

What’s a Community Cookie Collection? For the uninitiated, it’s a space that I’ve set up on my site to allow cookiers to share their work, for learning and inspiration. Though you can “like” entries in a collection just as you can on Facebook, it isn’t a contest - just a laid-back and convivial place for the amazingly talented community of cookiers to show off their stuff.

Why? Simply to allow everyone, beginner and advanced cookiers alike, to connect through their creations. Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the “Click here to enter” link under the thumbnails already posted in the collection; then follow the instructions to upload your work. Be sure your work fits the theme of the collection posted in the collection’s title.
  • What you upload, both the cookies and image, should be yours. (Please, let’s respect everyone’s intellectual and other property rights!) Though you can upload a photo directly from your computer, I recommend uploading it first to your site or blog and then linking to it from there. This way, when people click on your image, they will be taken to your site and will be able to learn more about you and your work there. Note: You may have more difficulty linking to an image posted to your Facebook or Flickr account. (Some sites prevent the linking of photos in this way.) But give it a shot if you don’t have a site or blog, and the system will let you know if it worked.
  • My collections are typically open for photo uploading for many, many weeks, as new decorating ideas and cookies are always springing up. You can see how much time remains for posting in the verbiage next to the “Click here to enter” link.
  • You can share as many photos as you want, but please refrain from sharing the same one more than once.
  • After you’ve shared your stuff, feel free to like any photos that are posted. Again, this is not a contest, just a chance to express your love. Though you can like as many photos as you want, the system does not allow you to like any one photo more than once.
  • When you’re done liking, spread the cookie inspiration even further by posting a comment under “STIR THE POT,” sharing the collection online, or viewing and sharing my growing list of collections. Links to my collections can be found under “ALSO SEE” at the end of each collection, or under “Community Cookie Collections” on this page. Now return to the collection you came from, and have some fun!

Post Script: If you happen to be the more competitive sort, I also host quarterly cookie decorating contests on Pinterest, complete with prizes! Stay tuned for announcements about the next one, here and on my Pinterest and Facebook pages!

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