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Feb 19, 2019 1:15am

Julia Usher baking in her home kitchen
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Playing Cookie Catchup

Tsk, tsk! I’ve been so captivated with making cookie projects over the last few months that I’ve been remiss in posting them to my very own website! Time for some much-needed cookie catchup!

My latest fixation has been 3-D cookies (of course) but with some new twists. First, I’ve been trying to create beautiful cookies that use as little icing as possible. (Call me lazy if you wish, but if there’s anything I dislike about decorating, it’s color mixing and cleanup!) Second, I developed a new technique that uses edible papers to stencil on curvy cookie shapes - something that, to this point, has been virtually impossible to do with traditional acetate stencils. And, last, I’ve been dressing up many projects with embossed (meaning molded) cookies. They’re gorgeous in their own right, but they also fulfill objective number one in that they need no icing! A double bene!

You’ll see all of these techniques expressed in my latest projects, which include everything from cookie wedding cakes and mosaic boxes to baby rattles and embossed cookie hearts. So without further ado, here’s a roundup of what’s been keeping me so busy . . .

Note: To the right, you’ll see glamour shots of my latest projects, and, below, you’ll see thumbnail-size players that link to video tutorials for each project. To view the videos in larger, hi-res format with linked annotations, click on the video player to be transported to YouTube.

How to Make Embossed Cookie Hearts

How to Make Contoured Cookie Mosaic Boxes (Part 1 - The Bottoms)

How to Make Contoured Cookie Mosaic Boxes (Part 2 - The Lids)

How to Make 3-D Baby Rattle Cookies

How to Make Meringue Shells

How to Make 3-D Contoured Cookie Wedding Cakes (Part 1 - The Sides)

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