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Apr 01, 2019 2:48pm

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The New JULIA Airbrush System Is (Finally) Here!

The last several months leading up to this release have been a lot like the road trip my family took each summer to get to our vacation spot in Maine. Every few minutes, a chorus of kids would ring out from the back seat, asking my Dad, “Are we there yet?!” When he shook his head “no”, we’d sound off in unison with the predictable refrain, “How much longer?!” It was a 9-hour drive from Connecticut to Maine, and, for my sibs and me, that was an interminable amount of time to be penned up in the car with each other, especially when we were bursting with excitement about the vacation that lay ahead.

And so it was with this release. It was extremely difficult for me to keep a lid on my new airbrush system for as long as I did. Soon after Ken Schlotfeldt, CEO of Badger Air-Brush Co., asked if I’d be interested in partnering with him, which was over a year ago, the initial design began to take shape. And, ever since then, I’ve been bursting with excitement too. You see, I knew early on that certain features of this system were going to revolutionize airbrushing for many of you.

But, there were other important details to work out before the system could be released - pricing, packaging, instructions, and distributor relationships, to name a few! It’s not enough to have a great product; all of the other elements that define the customer experience have to be as wonderful as possible too! So, long story short, “Are we there yet?” became a familiar tune sung by both me and Ken over the last few months. Likewise, I received a lot of eager “How much longer?“s from many of you! I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for sticking with me and waiting so patiently. I sincerely believe this system will be worth your wait. Also, a HUGE thank you to my partner Badger Air-Brush Co. for working so tirelessly with me over the last year to turn this dream into a reality!

Before I tell you why this system is so special, let me first tell you what it contains and where you can purchase it.

System contents:

  • JULIA airbrush (105-JU) with quick-connect adaptor (51-038) and barbed fitting (50-026)
  • 5-foot clear quick-connect air hose with inline air regulator (JU-5018)
  • JULIA on-demand air compressor, both 110V/220V options and 43 psi maximum operating pressure (JU-180)

Where to get the JULIA: We’re launching on my stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils’ site, here, but we’ll be expanding our distribution to more sites in the coming months. Please note that Confection Couture Stencils will ship the system anywhere; they are also selling the airbrush separately from the compressor.* Please email them ( for shipping estimates, especially if shipping outside of the US. Please also note that they currently have only 110V systems. Another site will be selling 220V systems very soon, so stay tuned!

* Important note about compressors: The JULIA airbrush has been specially configured and tested with the JULIA compressor to ensure optimum system performance, and so I strongly encourage you to get my full system. Because the JULIA airbrush has a dual-action trigger, which doesn’t release air unless depressed, it is best used with an on-demand compressor (like the JULIA compressor) as opposed to a continuous-flow compressor (which pushes out air constantly). The JULIA airbrush will work with either type of compressor, and comes with fittings to adapt to either type, but a continuous-flow compressor is more likely to overheat with heavy use.

Now, why is the JULIA system so special? In short, it’s a dual-action airbrush, which inherently offers more control than the single-action airbrushes currently marketed for cookie decorating. It also resolves many of the typical headaches often involved with other airbrushes - overspray, speckled spray, and clogging with white and metallic colorings. You won’t experience any of these things if you handle and maintain your JULIA airbrush system properly. Plus, routine cleaning of the airbrush can be done entirely from the outside, without taking anything apart.

Let’s look more closely at the JULIA airbrush (just the “gun”, if you will). (See third photo to the right.)

I’ve summarized the key airbrush features in bullet-point format below, but, if you’re more the visual type, please check out this video that explores ten key JULIA airbrush features, as well as essential dual-action airbrush operating tips:

Key airbrush features:
1. Dual-action (vs. typical single-action) trigger, for better control and fewer spraying mishaps
2. Finer spray, due to smaller needle tip
3. Less overspray, due to small (0.3 mm) nozzle opening
4. Works well with all mediums, including white and metallic food colorings, due to unique nozzle configuration
5. Large (1/4 oz/7 ml) coloring cup, for everything from small to large jobs
6. Easy-to-remove coloring cup cap, to avoid coloring spills
7. Quick-connect adaptor, to quickly and easily swap in different airbrushes
8. Easy to clean - minimal to no disassembly required! There is no airbrush simpler to clean - I guarantee!
9. No tools required after any initial disassembly
10. Ergonomic weighting toward nozzle end
11. Reversible nozzle guard for greater needle visibility or more needle protection – the choice is yours!

If you’re in doubt about point 8 (ease of cleaning), you’ll doubt no more once you watch this JULIA airbrush cleaning video:

And, last but not least, onto the too often overlooked compressor. (See fourth photo to the right.) It’s a vital part of any system, as it’s what supplies air to the airbrush. If a compressor doesn’t deliver the air with enough force, as is typical with some smaller compressors, you’re more likely to see speckled results. And, of course, you won’t be able to quickly and uniformly cover larger products, like cakes. The maximum operating pressure of the JULIA is almost double that of most cookie compressors on the market, so you’re always assured of having enough pressure for any job. Further, the air flow control is fully variable, allowing you optimum control for areas large and small!

Key compressor features:
1. 43 psi maximum operating pressure - not just for small jobs!
2. On-demand activation, meaning it operates only when the airbrush trigger is depressed, which also means it’s very quiet!
3. Fully variable air flow control, for everything from close-range detail work to broad coverage
4. Air flow controlled with an inline air regulator (dial), conveniently located on the air hose rather than the compressor
5. Clear air hose, to easily detect any moisture accumulation
6. Long (5-foot) air hose, for flexibility in setup
7. Convenient carrying handle

And that concludes my intro to my new JULIA airbrush system (barring my recap of key links below)! I hope you love my system as much as I loved designing it for you! If you have any airbrushing technique questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me at any time. (Just email Service and warranty questions, however, should be directed to Badger Air-Brush Co. at

Again, thank you to my partner Badger Air-Brush Co. for making this product a possibility!

Recap of key links:

Thank you for reading to the end, and happy airbrushing!

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Did you get a patent on this

By Joe Seattleton on May 25, 2018

Hi, Joe, Sorry for the delayed response. For some reason, my site did not alert me to your message. (I’ll have to look into that!) I’m not sure why you’re asking this question, but, no, I personally did not get any patents, but my manufacturing partner already has some on various aspects of the system. We have an operating agreement wherein he is licensing my name for use on his products. In exchange for my input on design refinements for decorating applications and my marketing of the system into decorating channels, I receive a royalty on product sales. A pretty standard licensing agreement.

By Julia M Usher on June 01, 2018

why the website say 9.99 for the house and when you are ready to checkout is $15

By Ilse E Gonzalez on June 04, 2018

Hi, Ilse, I’m not really sure where you’re seeing $15 and for what? I’m assuming you mean the hose, and not the house?? There is also more than one place selling my system and its parts, and they very well could show different prices as those sellers control their pricing - I do not. In looking at the Confection Couture Stencils site, which is one of the primary selling sites, they are listing the hose at $16.99 - a discount off the usual $30:

If you toggle to the other replacement parts they offer on that same page (i..e., the nozzle-needle replacement kit), you’ll see they offer that for $9.99:

Perhaps you confused the nozzle-needle kit for the hose? But neither explains why you are seeing $15 at check-out. You would have to contact that seller for clarification of this issue, as I have no insight into their site or ability to control it. Please contact if that’s the site you are talking about. Thanks for your interest!

By Julia M Usher on June 04, 2018

Nice to see this airbrush system. Your blog design is awesome! Thanks

By Lip Gloss Boxes on June 20, 2018

Thanks, Lip Gloss Boxes. This site is ancient and is in need of an overhaul, but I do want to preserve some of the design aesthetic with whatever I do.

By Julia M Usher on June 20, 2018

When will the airbrush be available for sale? It is currently sold out. I keep checking to find out if it has been restocked.
Thank you,

By Carol Leonhard on January 16, 2019

Hi, Carol! Thanks for your interest in my airbrush system. I will not be re-releasing this exact system for reasons made in an announcement back in September, which you can read here:

No fault of the system at all (I love mine and use it everyday); just some personal issues with the manufacturer, Badger. I have no idea why my stencil partner Confection Couture hasn’t yet removed it from their site, as having it there is causing lots of confusion. I will ask them to do so again.

By Julia M Usher on January 16, 2019