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Apr 01, 2019 2:48pm

Julia Usher baking in her home kitchen
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Video Release: Cutout Cookie Gingerbread Dough

You’ve been asking, and so here it is: a full-blown tutorial about how to make my Cutout Cookie Gingerbread, the dough I typically use in all of my 3-D cookie construction projects! In addition to taking you through the dough-making process (which is super simple, BTW), I get a little geeky on you by sharing some food science to help you tweak your own recipes for 3-D and contoured cookie work. You’ll learn about four recipe- and process-related variables that, in my opinion, most contribute to the spreading of dough, and how to control them to minimize spreading (naturally!), cracking, and misshaping. Last but not least, I share some substitutes for the molasses and shortening in my recipe, so that, if you can’t find these items in your area, you can still make 3-D and contoured cookies with success!

Note: For an in-depth analysis of the “Cookie Comparisons” photo to the right, please see the video!

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