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Special Edition: April 2012

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Grand Prize | Miriam G

Runners Up | Marina BlauKitchen and Alison Lawson

Honorable Mentions | Other Notable Works

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Woo Hoo! My Community Cookie Decorating Contest Results Are In!


Well, my first-ever Pinterest cookie decorating contest wasn't without a few technical glitches, but I still think it was a resounding success considering the wealth of inspirational work that so many decorators so freely shared. I counted 668 on the board and a whopping 232 pins at the time of contest close on April 9.

Social media is a powerful connector, and this contest also underscored that point, loud and clear. It was immensely gratifying to witness firsthand the convergence of so many passionate people in one small spot in cyberspace. I always knew there was a broader world of cookie decorating beyond my basement test kitchen, but - wow - how wonderful to see contributions from such wide-ranging places as Málaga, Spain; New South Wales, Australia; and Fenton, MO, USA! 

Below, I recognize the winning decorator (that person whose entry had the most repins), as well as some others whose work I  thought stood out because of its originality and/or craftsmanship. But, at the end of the day, who really wins is each and everyone of us who smiled over an entry, or spotted  a new technique, or connected with a fellow decorator they'd long been dying to meet.


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Grand Prize

Miriam G of Mensaje en una Galleta Takes Home First Prize!

I've seen ombré color schemes in fashion, on fingernails, in interiors, and on cakes, but never before on cookies! In first place with 291 repins, Miriam G's entry isn't just au courant; it makes you want to dive right into its lavender landscape. A big thumbs up on the cookies, as well as the photography and food and prop styling!

For her winning work, Miriam will receive a signed copy of my new cookie decorating book Ultimate Cookies, as well as some of Fancy Flours' finest cookie decorations. Special thanks to Sally Robinson and Nancy Lee Quist of Fancy Flours for their support of this contest.

» More about Mensaje en una Galleta

Photo by Miriam G

Runners Up

Second and Third Most Pins Go to . . .

. . . Marina BlauKitchen and Alison Lawson, respectively, who created some egg-ceptional work as well. (Pun very much intended, for reasons you can see!) Marina's eggs were neatly appointed in pastels and then nestled in an egg carton, while Alison's sported ruffled embellishments on top.

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Honorable Mentions

Entries That Caught My Eye . . .

1. Most Looks Like Something Else: Cinco de Mayo Sensation by Adrienne Belaire, top left. 

2. Most Likely to Require a Steady Hand: Lace-y Eggs by Nadia MLB, top right. 

3. Most Belongs in an Art Museum: Blue Flower and Butterfly Still Life by Vanina del Castillo, middle left. 

4. Most Multi-Dimensional: 3-D Chick Easter Basket by Milena de Jong, bottom left. 

5. Most Picturesque: Cookie Collage by Allison Hymel, bottom right. 

» View these entries and others, in larger size!


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