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Special Edition: June 2012

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Grand Prize | Marina BlauKitchen

Runners Up | Aymee VanDyke and Marina BlauKitchen

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Ta Da! Here Come the Bridal Cookie Winners!


My second Community Cookie Contest results confirm it: there's no such thing as an ugly bridal cookie! In fact, quite to the contrary: every single entry (including those that weren't cookie-related) was beautiful in its own right. From bridesmaid's gowns worthy of the red carpet to cakes too pretty to eat, this board had on display just about every conceivable bridal shape and cookie decorating technique. At the time of contest close, I counted 735 on the board and a mighty 344 pins, give or take the 50 or so unrelated ones! (People, play by the rules next time. Pretty please! :-) )

Once again, I was astounded by the reach of this contest, thanks to the amazing community created by Pinterest. Entries came from as far-distant places as San Luis, Argentina and Fairfax, Virginia, USA! 

As with my first contest, I recognize the winning decorator (that person whose entry had the most repins) below, along with some others whose work grabbed my eye because of its creativity or expert technique. Some yummy-looking cookies (think: red velvet and chocolate chip) racked up a lot of pins, but they didn't meet the contest's decorating requirement, and so weren't eligible to win. Even so, their recipes are probably worth checking out, as are all the other fabulous cookie designs on the board.


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Grand Prize

A Peggy Porschen Tribute Takes the Cake

An early entrant on the board, Marina BlauKitchen's cake turned heads from the get-go (and ultimately earned 140 pins) with its pop-py pink-and-brown color scheme and amazing resemblance to a Peggy Porschen cake.

For her winning work, Marina will receive signed copies of both of my cookie books, Ultimate Cookies and Cookie Swap, as well as a special selection of Fancy Flours' cookie decorations, hand-picked by me. Thanks again to Sally Robinson and Nancy Lee Quist of Fancy Flours for their support of this contest and my previous one.

» More about Marina BlauKitchen

Photo by Marina BlauKitchen

Runners Up

Second and Third Most Pins Go to . . .

. . . Aymee VanDyke (of Wacky Cookies) for her elegant bride and groom attire (94 pins) and Marina BlauKitchen (yes, again!) for her creative 3-D wedding cake (84 pins).

» View full Community Contest Board

Honorable Mentions

Other Matches Made in Heaven . . .

1. Wedded Bliss by Ququis Reposteria Artesanal Divertida, top left. A charming couple and a lot of fine detail packed onto a compact cookie!

2. Something Blue (and Purple!) by Shannon Heupel, middle. I love her unexpected non-white color scheme.

3. Over-the-Top Cake Topper by Nadia MLB, top right. What astonishing detail!

4. Modern Marriages. Two entries caught my eye because of their bold colors and clean lines: the first in black and white by Sweets by Stephanie (bottom left) and the second (bottom right) with an additional burst of yellow by Monik Mateos Arques.

Can't wait to see what's cooked up for next quarter's contest! Ideas for the theme? Email me.

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