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Holiday 2012

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Feature | Color Me Christmas

Cookie Craft | Santa-sational!

Fanfare | New Video Series is Here!

Favorites | Simple Sweets

Eye Candy | More Christmas Cookies

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My Simple Wish for You . . .

Really, it's that simple. Too often during the year, we dash around, adding and checking off things on our to-do lists; then repeating the whole cycle over and over and over again. And in the process, we too often forget about the truly important stuff. Please take time this season to smother your family with huge hugs, make a special gift for your BFF (like my quick Santa-sational Cookies, below), or whip up a recipe that brings back a fond memory or someone you love. That said, I'm munching on my mother-in-law's nut brittle right now. What are you doing to make your season bright?

Live sweetly,

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Color Me Christmas

You might be dreaming of a white Christmas, but I prefer the traditional red and green - for decorating, that is! These colors cheer up even the dreariest of winter days; they’re naturally found in nature, which often means cheaper, faster decorations (think: hand-cut evergreens and berries); and, better yet, they coordinate perfectly with the palette of my house!

I swear, not more than a week ago I declared to my Facebook friends that I wasn’t going all-out this year. Too much travel, not enough time, yada yada . . . But once I latched onto this low-fuss red and green idea (with a Santa subtext), I soon found myself on overdrive.

» More.

Cookie Craft


Create a sensation this Christmas with these easy-to-decorate Santa faces inspired by clip art of vintage images. All that’s required are the images (as a guide or to trace), edible marking pens, and some royal icing for simple borders and embellishments.

» Detailed step-by-step how-to.


New Video Series is Here!

As of my last newsletter, I hadn't released my 16-video cookie decorating series, but now you can stream it online or view it on DVD. Either way, it's a great Christmas gift (hint, hint)!

» Shop my store for video options.


Simple Sweets

As a break from cookie decorating, which can be hugely time-intensive as we all know, I've been ratcheting up my recipe development with a focus on simpler sweets. Mulled Cider Sorbet, Black Tea-Star Anise Ice Cream, and this tribute to my mother-in-law Sal are some of my most recent additions. The latter is especially meaningful to me.

» Taste this.

Eye Candy

More Christmas Cookies

Can't get enough Christmas cookies? You're certainly not the only one. See what other cookiers are creating this  season and share your best holiday work in my lastest Community Cookie Collection.

» View the collection.


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