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Fall/Summer 2014

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Feature | Cookiers Converge!

Fun | Free Classes on YouTube.

Fanfare | NEW Cookie Swap.

Fun, Redux | More 2015 Classes.

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Seeing Double?

I was truly hoping that the sparkle from my cookie tiaras might dazzle you to the point of distraction. But if you thought you were seeing double - i.e., two newsletters merged into one - you were right. And my diversionary tactics clearly did not work! I spent the bulk of this spring and summer traveling to teach cookie decorating (of all things) and, unfortunately, my newsletter took the hit. Excuses, excuses, I know . . . my apologies for the missed issue, but I'm back now with a combined Summer/Fall ediiton that sums up the last several months and connects you to some of my latest tutorials and upcoming events. 

I look forward to staying in closer touch as we roll into the holiday season. 'Til then, have a wonderful fall!

Live sweetly!

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Cookiers Converge Across the Globe!

The cookie decorating phenomenon has truly reached global proportions! In August, I headlined at the first-ever cookie decorating convention in South America (in São Paulo, Brazil) and later this month, I will be guest-starring at Cookie'sCool, Italy's first event dedicated to cookie art.

I continue to be amazed that something as simple as a tiny baked disk of sugar, butter, and flour can have such worldwide connective power! Photos by Diana Freixo.

» Read My Travelogue from Brazil.


Free Classes on YouTube.

Phew! It's hard to believe that I've been posting a video a week to YouTube for over a year, but I just wrapped my seventh shoot and I'm working now on editing eight new videos for the upcoming holiday season. If you haven't visited my channel, it's got everything from elaborate cookies (like my tiaras shown above) to the simplest of sweets recipes and, yes, even cakes! Don't believe me? Check out the link!

» See My Latest Cake Video.


NEW Hallmark Edition of Cookie Swap.

Authors always love it when new life is breathed into their old books, and I'm no exception. Earlier this year, Hallmark licensed my book Cookie Swap, first published in 2009. They've streamlined it, tied it up with a pine sprig and festive ribbon, and re-released it in Hallmark stores across the US and Canada this month. Just in time for holiday gift-giving - hint, hint!

» Find the Hallmark Store Nearest You.

Fun, Redux

More Hands-On Decorating Classes.

First, the good news: my schedule of hands-on decorating classes shows no immediate signs of letting up. In 2015, I head to Mexico, Chile, Denmark, and Spain; trips to Panama and Bolivia are also in the works. Now, for the bad news: My class commitments got so crazy that I had to cancel my upcoming Craftsy video shoot. No word yet on when that will be rescheduled. Fingers crossed!

» See Complete Class Schedule.


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