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Fall 2015

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Feeling Thankful

As I sit here feverishly debugging my Cookie Connection beta site so it can launch on time in its new RWD*-format, it's easy to start feeling sorry for myself. You see, I've been glued to my computer for nearly three weeks straight, tweaking CSS3, font rem, HTML color codes, and countless other things with incomprehensible acronyms. (* BTW, RWD = responsive web design.) A former engineer, I am more at home with computer mumbo jumbo than the average Jane, but still . . . I'd far rather be cookie-ing or teaching! This admin stuff is killing me! While a good cry would feel pretty cathartic right now, I instead remind myself of how I came to this crazy-busy, multitasking place. Cookie Connection wouldn't be getting redesigned if it hadn't outgrown itself, and I wouldn't be feeling conflicted if it weren't for the many exciting classes and video projects that have come my way this year. (See below for deets.)

Turns out, counting my blessings makes it a lot easier to tackle that next line of code! I hope your Thanksgiving brings you plenty of reason to feel grateful too!

Live sweetly,

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Latest Cookie Collaboration.

After a brief hiatus in video production to prep for my 3-D cookie course in Brazil this past summer, I'm back to my normal weekly YouTube posting schedule. My latest video, a 3-D woodland-themed cookie box (left), is part of a collaboration featuring Wilton fondant molds done with several of my YouTube friends. Stay tuned for chocolate wreaths (pictured top), cookie napkin rings, and more this fall season! 

» View the complete collaboration.


Cookie Decorating Classes.

Phew, 2015 has been a whirlwind of cookie decorating classes! I just finished a series in Greece, and I'm now in Brazil (again!) for my final class of the year. 2016 is shaping up to be even busier, with seven international trips already confirmed, and more on the way! (Pictured right, the poster for my March 2016 classes in Zhengzhou, China.)

» See my 2016 class schedule.


Cake Masters Awards.

What's better than winning an international sugar arts award? Being seleted to judge one! I was super honored to serve with some of my greatest sugar heroes on the judges panel of the Cake Masters Magazine Awards again this year. Now, I'm sitting on pins and needles, waiting to hear the outcome at the grand reveal in Birmingham, England on November 7. Good luck, everyone! 

» Read about the Awards and judges.


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